Here's what the Old Man Fiddler had to say.
Y'know, Fiddle Friends, I cannot recall a more jolly time I have spent listenin' to a fiddler play than I have had when I listened to Wayne Cantwell's new CD, "Just Me and a Fiddle." The title, my friends, tells you all you need to know about the whole album's reason fer bein': a few oldtime fiddle standards, and a few original pieces thrown in fer good measure.

Believe me when I tell you, folks, as soon as I started in ter reading Wayne's brief explanations about each track, and listening to all of them in a single night's sittin', I had to chortle with happy glee, for whenever I started in ter gettin' inter a new reel or jig or even that waltz, I just didn't want the album to end!

Clearly, the Flyin' Fiddler had such a good time recording the album, I can imagine him sittin' in the studio on his own, a jolly smile on his face, as he went through each track and played and played until it got near clear t' daybreak! (Hee-hee-hee!)

What I'm trying to say, folks, is this: Please purchase "Just Me and a Fiddle" from Wayne's website! I promise you, yer in fer quite a hoedown --- and you'll end wantin' more and more until Wayne can't give ye no more! In other words:

Whang-a-doodle! (For those o' you more unenlightened folks, "whang-a- doodle" is what we fiddlers say when we're really, REALLY happy! And believe me, this here album sure done succeeded in makin' this Old Man Fiddler really, REALLY happy!)


Old Man Fiddler