Any one CD $10 each plus $2 shipping.
Send check or money order to:
Wayne Cantwell
4608 SE 24th
Del City, OK 73115.

Make checks or money order out to Flyin' Fiddler Productions.

Click picture above for track information.

Click picture above for track information.

Click picture above for track information.
Gathering on Persimmon Hill
Of Mice and Frogs.
"Just me and a Fiddle"
Solo fiddle
Old Time & Celtic

You can also find individual MP3 tracks on Amazon!
Go to and do a search for Wayne Cantwell MP3s and you'll find me.

Here's a few kind words folks have said about the music.

John D.
I can't express how much joy you've brought me this year - your CDs have been played daily in the car I love all these old songs to begin with, but to hear them brought alive like that is amazing.

Mark B.
I'm going to sue you Wayne. Since I've gotten your 2 CD's my toe hasn't stopped tapping. I had to buy a new pair of shoes 2 sizes bigger than I need because my toe has bulked up so much and is now more muscular than my other toe. I'm now walking with a limp due to my overly muscular toe. It is straining my hip and lower back because of my tendency to favor my lesser muscled toe. I think you were negligent in not including a disclaimer of the potential side effects of unrelenting toe tapping. My lawyer will be contacting you.

Rick H.
For what my 2-cents might be worth Wayne is a great talent and one heck of musician. Everyone of his albums are great "get-into-the-mood" music. His albums are of the highest of production value and well worth every penny...

Laurie H.
Wayne I have listen to period music my whole life my Daddy was a dance caller and I am telling you You got the sound !!!!!

Scott W.
Wayne, We've been listening to your CDs for a week straight and the whole family loves them - especially Buffalo Gals, since our family has been in Buffalo and Western NY since the 1920s.

Verla R.
Likin' it, good driving music!

Tim F.
Popped them right into the player and enjoyed them. My grandson puts one of them in every time he comes over now too.

Madras Trading Co.
For the past few days, The Madras Trading Company has been listening to two of Wayne Cantwell's CD's. We have found his musical ability(especially his fiddlin) to be superb! We highly recommend his CD titled "Gathering on Persimmon Hill" (as we are currently listening to it again), if you are fond of folk music. Personally I am very happy to have his music in my collection.

John D.
I have to confess, I've had both of them on in the car all day - wonderfully authentic sound. There's certainly a lot of shared history in some of these tunes, probably due to the shared history of the nations producing them.

Robert A.
I have them, and must say you do good work.

Jess M.
I got the cd' a I won the other day and can't decide which I like best so I just play one then the other.

Stephanie H.
So my husband just informed me two CDs arrived in the mail yesterday- and he listened to one as soon as he opened the pkg, lol. We are listening to them now and loving them! Bravo and thanks!!

David J.
Brother Wayne, Got the package yesterday evening! Thank you so much! Really, REALLY enjoying the music. Again Thank you so much!