The Girl I Left Behind Me.

The Girl I Left Behind Me goes back to the 1600’s and has more than one title I’ve found. Titles I’ve found so far are: “The Rambling Laborere”, “Waxie’s Dargle”, “The Spailpin Fanach”, and “Brighten Camp”.

Back when Queen Elizabeth the 1st was around it was played when one of her regiments left town or a man-o-war set sail.

It made its way to America sometime around 1650. It seems to be a very popular military marching tune. Whenever I play a living history event where soldiers are about I get asked to play it. During the American civil war both Federal and Confederate troop have their own set of lyrics to it. Speaking of lyrics I’ve found a number of different words to this tune.

The Girl I Left Behind Me

I'm lonesome since I cross'd the hills,
And o'er the moor that's sedgy;
With heavy thoughts my mind is fill'd,
Since I parted with my Naggy
When e'er I return to view the place, gives 'Peggy']
The tears doth fall and blind me,
When I think on the charming grace
Of the girl I left behind me.

The hours I remember well,
When next to see doth move me,
The burning flames my heart doth tell,
Since first she own'd she lov'd me:
In search of some one fair and gay,
Several doth remind me;
I know my darling loves me well,
Tho' I left her behind me.

The beas shall lavish, mare no store
And the dove become a ranger;
The falling water cease to roar,
Before I'll ever change her:
Each mortal promise faithful made,
By her whose tears doth blind me;
And bless the hours I pass away,
With the girl I left behind me.

My mind her image still retains,
Whether asleep or waking;
I hope to see my dear again,
For her my heart is breaking:
But if e'er I chance to go that way,
And that she has not resign'd me;
I'll reconcile my mind and stay,
With the girl I left behind me.