Lost Indian

This is one of the better stories Ive heard. Supposedly on a Mississippi river boat a fiddler that was on board heard a noise over the side of the boat. When he went to go look he saw an Indian clinging for his life to a branch that had fallen into the river, which had become swollen and fast in a resent storm.

The Indian knew he was losing his fight against the river and gave his death wail - a high-pitched scream punctuated with a series of whoops that could be heard by everyone on the riverboat and especially the fiddler. The fiddler sadly watched the Indian drown and die.

The frightful seen so struck the fiddler that he went mad. They say that after that the only tune he would play was the one he been playing just before witnessing the Indians death, but when he played the tune he added the Indian's death wail.

There are a lot of versions of this tune out there but they all include the death wail of the lost Indian which is played on the B part of the tune by sliding high up on the E string.

Below you can here my version of "The Lost Indian".

You Tube Video of Lost Indian