"Just me and a Fiddle".

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1. Silver Spire
2. Musical Priest/Swallowtail Jig/Dunmore Lassís
3. The Swedish Jig
4. Soldiers Lament for Home/The Ghostís of FT Washita
5. Midnight on the Water
6. Drowsy Maggie/Staten Island Hornpipe
7. Ricketís Hornpipe/Fisherís Hornpipe
8. It is well with my soul
9. Year of Jubilo/Sean Ryanís/Old 1812
10. Cluck ole hen/Flop Eared Mule/Julainn Johnson
11. Tobinís Favorite/Kesh/Morrisonís
12. Archibald MacDonald of Keppoch/Banish Misfortune
13. John Stensonís
14. Mulqueenís
15. Be Thou my vision/I heard the voice of Jesus say
16. Masonís Apron
17. Gary Owen/The girl I left behind
18. Amazing Grace/How firm a foundation/ The Master has come
19. Trip to Ironton
20. Cold Frosty Morning/Whiskey before Breakfast/Kitchen Girl
21. Graysonís/Top of Cork road
22. Star of Munster

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Hi Wayne,
Here's the review:
I think it's real interesting what you can do with a fiddle - you yourself are the example of the purest form of fiddling, and the others,
that's why I thought it would be interesting to write a review with three different types of fiddlers.

Kind regards,
Holly Moors

Kent Anderson, former program director of KCSC Radio had this to say.

Hi Wayne,

I just received your CD and went ahead and popped it into the machine. I wanted to let you know that's it's wonderful!

I especially enjoyed Track #4. I grew up in Madill, so I know Ft. Washita well, and spent many years with the legends of Aunt (pronounced "Aint" down there!) Jane's Grave. Your piece really captures the feel of the place, although it's been a good 20 years since I've visited there.

#10 is also a favorite--I've always liked Cluck Old Hen.

The hymn arrangements are very nice as well, esp. Tr. 15, both favorite melodies as well.

COngratulations, Wayne. You can be sure I'll use the CD on the air, though it may be after the first of the year. Because of other commitments, I've tried to plan the shows out a few months ahead so that I never get caught.

Best to you,


Review by Preston James with the Oklahoma Gazette had to say.

You could make the argument that traditional Irish Music sounds great in any weather, but there's just something about a crackling fire and the strains of jigs and reels being expertly played that meshes extremely well. If you're looking for a place to start, why not check out Oklahoma native and local performer Wayne Cantwell's debut solo disc, "Just Me and a Fiddle".

More well known as "The Flyin' Fiddler," Cantwell's breathless execution of more than 20 different Celtic jigs, reels, American hymns, and American songs of the 19th century, as well as some origional compositions, make for a thoroughly enjoyable listen. His considerable skills are matched only by the passion with which he shares them. Highly recommended for fans of Celtic music or those wanting a slightly different local flavor. Visit flyinfiddler.com for more. --PJ

Old Man Fiddler had some nice things to say.
Review by Stringband.com
Nice words from a Texas Writer.